Oruro - La Paz

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  1. 15:43 The day’s spectator zones

    Like each day, discover the spectator zones on the sixth stage in order to have the best viewpoint to watch the competitors, in total safety!

  2. 15:39 786 km before a rest

    After five days of racing, the competitors will start to feel the effects of tiredness and the rest day in La Paz will be keenly appreciated. However, before they get there, they will have to negotiate a 786-km stage (including a 527-km long special).

  3. 15:32 Who can beat Peugeot?

    Sébastien Loeb will open the road today following his second stage victory since the start of the rally. It is a task that does not worry the Peugeot driver, who will have his team-mates Stéphane Peterhansel and Cyril Despres in his wake. Nani Roma will again try and throw a spanner in the lion branded constructor’s works, as will Mikko Hirvonen and Giniel De Villiers, forced to go on the attack to regain the time they have lost.

  4. 15:21 Objective: La Paz!

    The competitors who want to take their photo in front of Lake Titicaca will have to work hard to earn it! The dunes to be tackled at the start of the stage will only be one of a good number of difficult obstacles on what is set to be a long day. The quickest competitors will finish when there is still daylight, but many will probably have to use their headlights to help them finish. Reaching the rest day in the Bolivian capital can already be judged as a success.

  5. 07:36 Stage cancelled!

    Some competitors are still making their way through the special. Extreme weather conditions are preventing competitors and their vehicles from reaching the bivouac and preparing for tomorrow's stage properly. Furthermore, the scouts sent by the organisers to reconnoitre tomorrow's stage have reported the terrain is steadily deteriorating. As a result, stage 6 from Oruro to La Paz has been cancelled.

The 6th stage of ORURO-LA PAZ has been cancelled